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Forgotten Mom Inc. (FMI), is a registered (501(c)(3), non-profit initiative established to address, support, and find help for the dramatically underserved population of individuals struggling with the disease of addiction. We support and educate moms about issues pertaining to addiction, behavioral health and available treatment options. We are growing the numbers of families getting the help they need. We are committed to doing everything in our power to keep Mom healthy and families thriving. In order to accomplish this goal, FM-CAN is building a critical coalition to collectively build the awareness and resources all communities need.

Whether a mother is on the receiving end of the much-needed treatment resources we coordinate or on the giving end by helping FMI find support for a loved one currently struggling, mothers are the key to healing families in need, which is why our focus starts with her. Mothers and their unconditional love is what connects each and every one of us together; despite differing cultural, religious, and political views, we can universally agree that all life and love begins with a mother. It is our privilege to celebrate all mothers while providing the healing resources their families need.

  • We provide resources to keep families together

  • We help build safety nets for recovery

 We support and educate moms about issues pertaining to addiction and behavioral health

Frequently asked questions

Why we need to expand.

The non-profit landscape in the state of Florida has witnessed numerous closings in the addiction support service areas. While the rate of addiction is increasing with the introduction of new and more dangerous drugs.

Forgotten Mom knows how important the long term support of mothers with addiction is in successful outcomes and improving the social determinants of health including housing, education, and healthcare. We are helping mothers and families battling substance abuse in an area where addiction is on the rise and services are disappearing.

Why do we need to help more mothers and their families?

In creating more wraparound services and building a longer continuum of care for mothers and their children, we can build healthier, more equitable communities.

Why is support needed after detox?

For mothers and their families to rebuild a strong future, requires both short and long term support to prevent relapse. It proactively supports them in building healthier lives.

How can I make a difference?

Every dollar you donate will impact the services and support these women and children need to aid in a healthier life.


We are creating a complete safety net from inpatient services, outpatient services, real-time technology support, and acquisition of the Forgotten Mom Sanctuary property with 20 beds. We need $2.68 Million to make it happen.

Current Funding


Your support and dollars will create healthier communities, more vibrant families, and a longer term outcome for success. Thank you!

Beyond intervention

Treating addiction
not just intervention.

Forgotten Mom is building a program that goes beyond primary intervention. We are pulling together services that will help Moms battling with substance abuse, from the moment they seek help throughout their rebuilding process. We are addressing the causes for addiction not just symptoms.

  • Inpatient Treatment

  • Online Support Application

  • Outpatient Treatment

  • After Care Support

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